Girl Says She’s Being Threatened After Snapchat Account Was Hacked

May 24, 2018 Last Updated: May 24, 2018

A local Houston student became a target of some disturbing threats after racially charged remarks showed up on her Snapchat. She and her parents claim that her account was hacked.

“I can’t even go to school, without looks, even from teachers,” said the 8th grader.

The family asked not to be identified because of the threats.

On the evening of May 8, the family said they went shopping and out to eat, and the 8th grader’s phone was at home charging.

When they got home the girl noticed a message asking her to take down offensive messages. Racially charged messages that she said she didn’t write were all over her Snapchat.

“The hacker started adding other people on her account and starting messaging those people,” said her mother.

The messages were screen captured and passed along to many other people, and the girl found herself the target of multiple threats.

Her mother then received an email saying her daughter’s account was hacked. The next day, her father met with the principal and informed him of the situation.

In a statement, school administrators said the Snapchat posts using racial slurs have caused a campus disruption, but said they have found no evidence to support the girl’s claim that her account was hacked.

After missing several days of school, the girl returned to school and was cornered by three girls in the cafeteria. The frightening incident was caught on the school’s surveillance camera.

The parents say that the student they suspect is behind the Snapchat hacking has been bullying their daughter since last school year. They have filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s office.