Girl Gets Brand-New Nissan Sentra After She Asks Friend with Down Syndrome to Prom

By Daksha Devnani, Epoch Times
March 22, 2019 Updated: March 27, 2019

When a video of a high school student asking  a fellow classmate with Down syndrome to homecoming went viral, Fox5 Surprise Squad stepped forward to help make their date extra special and unforgettable.

Seventeen-year-old Daniel Rivas wanted to go to homecoming dance but was turned down by two girls he asked. When Shadow Ridge High School sophomore Kylie Fronius heard about Daniel’s dilemma, she decided to do something about it.

She invited him to partner her at the dance, and of course Daniel was over the moon with joy.

Happy 15th Birthday Daniel Jesus Rivas! Thank you for everyone who came out for Daniel party! Much love!

Tonya Rivas 发布于 2014年7月20日周日

For Kylie, she doesn’t perceive Daniel to be any different just because he has special needs.

“I don’t think of kids that have a disability as being different,” Kylie told Fox5. “I think of them just being a normal person, learning in a different way.”

Anthony Fronius 发布于 2016年10月4日周二

Touched by her inspiring act, Daniel’s mother, Tonya, couldn’t hold back her tears.

“It’s not about that Daniel has a disability,” Tonya said in an interview with Fox5. “It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.”

Kylie’s “promposal” video went viral, catching the attention of Fox5 Surprise Squad.

We were honored to host Kylie & Daniel of Shadow Ridge High School tonight at Bistro 57 before their big dance. Stay tuned to FOX5 Las Vegas to see how the FOX 5 Surprise Squad made this a night to remember!

Aliante Casino Hotel Spa 发布于 2016年10月8日周六

The Surprise Squad began to prepare a number of special surprises for the two teens. The first was a chauffeured Rolls Royce to take the pair to the dance in style.

En route, they pulled up at a luxury restaurant for the couple to have dinner together with Daniel’s mom.

“I usually drive past here often, but always think it’s completely impossible to bring the kids here because it’s so expensive,” Tonya said.

Anthony Fronius 发布于 2016年10月8日周六

The special dinner left Daniel on top of the world.

Kylie and Daniel then pulled up to the school, where a red carpet entrance was waiting for them.

The Surprise Squad wasn’t done yet; a few more surprises were in store.

After the homecoming dance, where Daniel and Kylie danced their heart out, the Surprise Squad announced a giveaway trip for both families to go to Disneyland, making Daniel’s jaw drop.

Last but not least, Daniel was gifted with a $10,000 scholarship to college upon finishing high school. Tonya was in complete tears when she heard the news.

But that wasn’t all the night had in store, as the kindhearted Kylie was also in for a special surprise—a brand-new Nissan Sentra.

As she sees a white car standing outside her prom night, she is left stunned.

Don Foreman of United Nissan, said: “All you had to do was watch the news story you [Fox] aired, and you just saw a young lady with a huge heart, and she was inspirational.”

Ever since the video was put up on Fox’s YouTube Channel, it has touched so many people’s hearts.

One user wrote, “This young girl’s parents have raised a beautiful person.”

While another commented, “The smile on Daniel’s face is just pure happiness!”

“She has more class, moral fibre and integrity than I’ve had in 54 years of life. Her only negative point is, she made me cry,” one wrote.

This just goes to show what goes around, comes around.

Watch the video below:


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