World’s Largest Telescope Under Construction

June 13, 2018 Last Updated: June 13, 2018

New technology could change the way we understand the universe. It’s called the Giant Magellan Telescope.

Dr. Patrick McCarthy from the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization explained: “Well we are building the world’s biggest telescope. We are building it in the Andes near South America where the skies are dark and clear and the weather is fantastic. The telescope will have 5 times the light-gathering power of the biggest telescopes in the world that will make images that are 10 times sharper than those that come from Hubble space telescope.”

“The unknown, the unexpected that’s what this is about. Telescopes are machines for making discoveries. That is what we want to do, to make the newest technology to allow young people like Professor Kraus here and others to make unexpected and exciting discoveries,” said McCarthy.

Adam Kraus from the University of Texas in Austin explains how the astronomers at UT are interested in using the Giant Magellan Telescope to study a wide range of topics, “It’s basically intended to go and see all the things that we have never been able to observe before, some that we think are out there, presumably many that we didn’t know to think were out there. The very first galaxies to form, the very first stars to form in our own galaxy, planets around others stars.”

The Telescope is under construction. It is expected to start operation in 2024, and after a few years of technology development, by 2026, the telescope should have full capabilities focused on the sky enabling new discoveries.

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