Gator In Garage Startles Florida Homeowners

"It was just as scared as we were"
May 15, 2018 Last Updated: May 15, 2018

A 6-foot alligator in the middle of a Florida family’s garage gave them the fright of their life.

“It was a shock I didn’t expect it, so when I saw its mouth open and hissing, I screamed!” said Longwood resident Katherine Purnell in the video above.

Purnell says the full-grown gator must have slinked into their garage moments after they backed their car out to make room to bring some things inside.

When they came back several minutes later, according to a Fox35 report, the portly gator was exploring the garage.

“We made noise, to help it move along, so we watched it crawl out,” Purnell said.

“I think it was just as scared as we were,” she added.

She took photos of the alligator as it walked off and disappeared into nearby hedges.

“It ended up moving and moving on, but it was a big boy,” Purnell said.

The family told reporters that gator sightings are common in their neighborhood, but this was the first time they had run into one this close.