Gao Zhisheng Condemns the Chinese Communist Party for Harassing His Colleague Attorney Guo

By Gao Ling, Epoch Times
February 6, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 6, 2006 12:00 am

Renowned Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng recently issued a statement protesting the treatment suffered by fellow human rights attorney Guo Feixiong. This is a result of the Guangdong authority's continuous surveillance and the Chinese Communist Party's increasing willingness to use violence and organized crime to suppress dissent.

Gao's statement pointed out that, “With the recent series of malicious actions, it has shown the world that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is rapidly becoming ultra-leftist, is steadily continuing its blind worship of violence and falsehood, and is marching in a direction that is totally in contempt of basic human dignity! The CCP is burying our hope for a peaceful transition!”

The statement further stated, “If any harm comes to Guo Feixiong, Gao Zhisheng will return to Beijing immediately to protest in front of Zhongnanhai's Xinhua Gate, and would also go south to Guangzhou to initiate an 'expel Zhang' movement to expel Zhang Dejiang, secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee.”

Gao has been very concerned about attorney Guo Feixiong's situtation. He said in an interview that, “Feixiong is now enduring a very difficult predicament because he has two small children. The Guangdong authority has already hired organized criminals to tail and monitor every member of Feixiong's family. In a recent incident at a network cafe, policemen deviously showed their identification and then switched off a computer to stop him contacting others.”

Gao has long been unhappy with the Guangdong authority's criminal behavior. Gao cited the history of Lenin's slaughtering of the Czar family as a lesson to illustrate the consequences the CCP faces for choosing to support such actions.

Gao said that, “In 1905, Lenin carried out a large-scale massacre of the Czar's family. Although the atrocity should be condemned, it was the direct consequence of the Czar's murder of Lenin's brother. When reactionary and anti-humanity forces possess power, hopefully they will not unwittingly use that power to block their own exit. I think it would be more beneficial to them if instead they save some of their energy and arrange their own routes of retreat! To the CCP members holding power right now, I ask, won't your descendants live in China?”

Regarding the Guangdong Province regime's continued acts of organized brutal crimes, Gao explicitly said. “If Zhang Dejiang continues the implementation of this barbaric atrocity, we will initiate an 'expel Zhang' movement in Guangdong. What he is doing is exactly the same as that hoodlum Mao Zedong did previously in Hunan. If Zhang dared to hurt Guo Feixiong in any way, we would certainly initiate an 'expel Zhang' movement in Guangzhou! I will go straight to Guangzhou for this movement! If Zhang does not mind the trouble, we don't mind either.”

He said that, “Although the words in my statement are somewhat harsh, I have always been against violence. I am still against violence today. After all, we are the ones condemning this violence! If the authority insists on using violence as the first means to solve problems, this is of major concern to all citizens of China, and is something that everyone in China should carefully think about.”

Attorney Gao gravely pointed out that the reason the local powers dared to use organized and violent means so unscrupulously is that the central government in Beijing has spared no effort in spreading and encouraging the use of its hoodlum means to the world.

He said, “Their behavior is no different from animals'. They quickly spread this kind of bad example to Guangzhou for implementation; this is exactly what President Hu has taught Guangzhou!” Last year in particular, the impeachment event of Guangdong Taishi village's officials and the bloody massacre at Shanwei Dongzhou village on December 6 shocked the whole world.

In 2005, many domestic human rights activists, and some overseas foreign reporters encountered similar violence. In Guangdong Province Sun Yat-sen University Professor Ai Xiaoming, Guo Yan, attorney Tang Jingling, and members of the People's Congress Lu Panglieh and Yao Lifa, and overseas reporters from both the South China Morning Post and the English Guardian received severe beatings while collecting evidence and interviewing for their investigations.

There are so many incidents of human rights advocates in Beijing, Shandong, etc. being harmed by similar barbaric violence, such as Beijing's Zhao Xi and Qi Zhiyong who were seriously injured after being beaten by hired thugs. Many years ago, economists predicted that with the Chinese market opening up to the world, the CCP's system of totalitarian dictatorship would employ greater means of organized crime and hoodlum tactics to maintain its control. With such savage beatings and ongoing harassment of Chinese dissidents in China today, it seems that the economists' predictions have come true.