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From Martin Luther King’s Dream to Obama’s Racism is ‘Still Part of Our DNA’ | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 111

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In 1966, he was interviewed on British television and expressed so much confidence that race relations were improving to the point where, he suggested, America could elect a black person president in 40 years, if not sooner. And when it happens, that means we can say that America is now a country where, to the fullest extent humanly possible, one can realize his or her God-given potential.

It has happened. Yet, Obama, the very embodiment of black success, said racism is still “part of our DNA.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the inflation rate in the U.S. decelerated to 6.5 percent in December, mostly due to cheaper gasoline. However, is it time for Biden to do a victory lap and call it a day?

Elaine Parker, chief communications officer of Job Creators Network shares the real facts that the current administration not telling you.

The story that keeps on giving—more classified documents were found at President Joe Biden’s garage where he parks his prized Corvette, or should we call it Car-a-Lago?

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