Lion Cub Triplets Make Public Appearance for the First Time at Frankfurt Zoo

May 30, 2018 Last Updated: May 30, 2018

Visitors at Frankfurt zoo were treated to the sight of three six-week-old lion cubs for the first time on Wednesday, May 30. Previously, the miniature kings and queens of the animal kingdom had spent their time in the birthing den of their mother Zarina who, according to the zoo, has been calmly looking after her babies, despite her inexperience as a first-time mother.

Father Kumar has not yet had the chance to meet them as, just like in the wild, the mother lion should have the chance to hide away with her young ones.

In the meantime, the male lion will be kept away. He has not been taking too well to his enforced absence and has been calling out for the cubs, said Anni Fuchs, head of the big cats at the zoo.

“He would like to go and see the cubs, that’s all he wants the whole time. He walks around and looks and calls out and shows that he already wants to be with them. Only Zarina isn’t quite ready for that yet, but she is getting more and more relaxed. They’ll be united when we think that the time is right.”

The gender of the cubs has not yet been determined, as they have not yet been examined. Staff expect the examination to take place soon.

The cubs are Asiatic lions, a subspecies which is now only found in the wild in the Gir Forest National Park in India, so they will be given Indian names. They can be distinguished from their African contemporaries by a smaller mane and prominent fold of skin on the stomach.