Forty Percent of College Students in Guangzhou City Believe They Will Collapse From Stress

By Fan Xin, Asia Times
January 31, 2007 Updated: January 31, 2007

A survey of 126,000 college students in China revealed that 20.3 percent of the students have psychological problems. In the colleges in Guangdong Province, between three and five students from almost every college are sent to mental hospitals every year for psychological disorders. The numbers are increasing rapidly because of the stress of future employment and relationships. In addition more and more students are committing suicide.

According to investigations carried out by Beijing, the most common cause of students deferring college 20 years ago was contagious diseases. Today the most common cause is psychological diseases. The percentage is higher among graduates.

A psychological investigation conducted last year on 7,000 college students in more than 20 colleges and universities in Beijing showed that 12.3 percent of college students have above-average psychological problems. Fifty percent have no future goals and feel confused about their future employment. Only 8.3 percent are confident and have definite goals for the future.

An investigation of college students in Guangzhou showed that 40 percent of students were very anxious about their future career. The investigation covered students' self-evaluation, study environment, future employment, emotional problems, relationships, and family situations. The questionnaires were distributed to 1,200 college students in Guangdong Province. The investigators received 1,116 valid answer sheets, which was a 93 percent response rate.

What attracted the most attention was the question, “Are you very stressed at present?” 39.4 percent of college students said “yes” and that the stress had made them “nearly collapse.” This response was higher among female students, and also higher among seniors and graduates, compared to freshmen and juniors.

According to the statistics from Guangzhou Mental Diseases Hospital, the percentage of college students affected with psychological problems is increasing every year. Among the 1,500 patients admitted to the hospital every year, about 100 are college students and most of them are from the colleges in Guangzhou.