For the Past 10 Years, 60 Men Take Turns Tucking Elderly Woman Into Bed Every Night

August 4, 2019 Updated: August 11, 2019

One would be wary if different men kept entering an elderly person’s home every night. But for a woman in Utah, there is nothing for her to fear—the men are volunteers who have been tucking her into bed every night for the past decade.

Kathy Felt, of Sandy, Utah, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1978. As time passed, the disease worsened, and she had to rely on the help of her two sons, who live 10 minutes away, to get in and out of bed.

“It was for about a year and a half or so, maybe even more. They were getting me up in the morning putting me to bed at night,” Felt told CNN. “My greatest gift and my greatest blessing of all has been my two sons.”

As this was taxing for her sons, the 66-year-old wondered if she should move into a nursing home. But her neighbor Keith Pugmire had another idea.

To help Felt, Pugmire gathered some volunteers in teams of two to go to Felt’s home and help get her into bed.

“He said let us do this for as long as we can,” Felt said.

And for the past 10 years, 60 men have been entering her home every night to help her, and now more neighbors are asking to be included.

“It started out with a core group of 20 to 30 people,” Pugmire recalled. Then the list of volunteers started increasing.

“Our challenge is to get everybody a time,” Pugmire told CBS News.

Being persistent in helping someone for 10 years is no easy feat but Pugmire finds inspiration from a 1969 song from the Hollies titled, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”

“We’re all here together, and we should help each other on the journey,” he said.

He added that many of the volunteers have been inspired by Felt and are grateful to her.

“So many people have been inspired by her story and her courage in the face of such devastating health challenges,” he explained.

To have so many people willing to help her, Felt felt thankful.

“I’m just so grateful for the friendship that I have with them,” she said. “You just can’t put a price on that.”

What an amazing community Felt lives in! If everyone could look out for one another like the residents in this neighborhood, the world would be a better place.

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