Floyd Mayweather: Miguel Cotto Would Beat Mayweather, Freddie Roach and Bob Arum Claim

Floyd Mayweather Jr. would lose a fight to Miguel Cotto if they were to have a rematch, Cotto’s trainer Freddie Roach has said, following Cotto’s impressive victory over Sergio Martinez on Saturday night. Bob Arum, the longtime boxing promoter, also claimed Cotto would beat Mayweather under Roach’s tutelage.

Roach, in a press conference, said Cotto is “one of the best students I’ve ever had.” He added that Martinez was reckless in his attack and is only “trying to use his speed” in the fight against Cotto on Saturday.

Roach said he’s not sure if Cotto is going to go back down in weight, as he moved up to fight Martinez. “When he’s comfortable, he’s a much better fighter,” he said.

Roach said that he believes Mayweather, at 37 years old, is past his prime and is a shot fighter. He also said Mayweather’s statements about how he stood and fought with Marcos Maidana are nonsense, reported EastSideBoxing

Promoter Bob Arum also claimed Mayweather probably doesn’t stand a change to Cotto if he’s training under Roach.

“You got an AK?” Arum said, laughing, on Sunday morning when he was asked if Mayweather would fight Cotto again. “I’ll hold it up to Floyd and say, ‘Will you fight Cotto again?’ Are you crazy? He’s afraid to fight Manny. You think he’d fight Cotto?” he said, according to BoxingScene.com.

Mayweather won a fight against Cotto in May 2012 in Las Vegas via decision.

However, Arum thinks that Mayweather’s victory over Cotto two years ago wouldn’t be enough to make him accept another fight.

“If Cotto, with Freddie Roach, fought Mayweather again it would be no contest,” he said. “Mayweather wouldn’t have a [expletive] chance.”

The statements come just days after Mayweather dropped Golden Boy Promotions after its CEO,  Richard Schaefer,  left the company.

“We have a great working relationship with Richard Schaefer and that will never change,” Mayweather Promotions chief executive Leonard Ellerbe told ESPN. “Richard is a good friend and a great businessman and an excellent promoter. Richard will have an impact in anything that he decides to do, a tremendous impact. He built that company from the ground up and did a phenomenal job. We’ve had a very close relationship for a number of years and worked hand-in-hand on a number of great fights.”