Florida Police Officer Gets Random Text Message Asking for Drugs

January 22, 2018 Updated: January 22, 2018

A texting fail has gone viral on social media.

The Gainesville Police Department in Florida shared screenshots of the short exchange between an officer and an unidentified person.

Screenshots posted on the department’s official Facebook page reveal how a person unknowingly texted the number of a police detective over the weekend. In the text, the person asked if they could purchase the drug marijuana.

The conversation can be seen below:

Person: “Hey do you have bud I might need some”

Police detective: (sharing image of the badge) “I think you have the wrong number. Drugs are no good for you.”

Person: “oh my god”

Person: “I’m so sorry”

In the post’s caption, police wrote “PSA: If you’re looking to score drugs… please double check the number before you text. Also, drugs are bad, mmmkay?”

“Bud” refers to marijuana. The word is a nickname for the part of the plant that is smoked, according to TIME.

Officers did not reveal the identity of the person who sent the text messages. They also made no mention if any arrests were made over the incident.

The Saturday, Jan. 20 post has spread like wildfire in just two days. At the time of this publication, it had gained over 6 thousand reactions and over 1,745 shares.

Comments under the department’s post pointed out that the unidentified person was likely terrified over the exchange.

Other’s joked about the person apologizing in the texts.

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