Florida Mother Warns of Liquid Nitrogen Dragon’s Breath Snack After Son Rushed to Hospital

August 1, 2018 Last Updated: August 1, 2018

A Florida mother whose son was hospitalized after he ate a liquid nitrogen-infused snack is warning others of the potential adverse reactions children can have to the snack.

Racheal McKenny and her husband took their two children to The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville recently, and her son Johnny was attracted to a kiosk selling a snack called Dragon’s Breath.

The treat is coated in liquid nitrogen, enabling people who eat it to blow what looks like smoke out of their noses, like a dragon.

McKenny said  in a Facebook post that her children had fun with the effect.

“We left the mall right after that and started the 40-minute car ride home. About 10-minutes into the ride home, Johnny started an occasional cough. Around 20 minutes in, the cough became really consistent. By the time we passed the Palencia sub division, he was coughing so bad that he was having trouble catching his breath. We knew he couldn’t breathe, and we knew that we couldn’t get him to the hospital in time,” McKenny wrote.

“Thankfully, John knew that there was a firehouse just down the road near the courthouse and the jail. I’ve lived in St. Augustine for more than 25-years and didn’t know there was one there. Please, if you do not know where the EMTs are located in your town, then look it up. We were able to stop at the fire station and the EMTs were able to immediately start Johnny on an albuterol treatment and hook him up to an IV while preparing him for transport.”

She added, “The nebulizer was not improving his breathing at all and, by the time they got him loaded into the ambulance, he needed a shot of epinephrine. Johnny had a second breathing treatment and steroid on the way to the hospital and was doing so much better by the time we got to Flagler Hospital. What triggered this? The liquid nitrogen smoke from the Dragon’s Breath cereal.”

McKenny noted that her son has asthma but warned the treat could have negative effects even on people who don’t have it.

Dragon’s Breath has become a trendy snack over the past year or so, but the liquid-nitrogen-dipped confection can also burn people. A 14-year-old who had it in October 2017 was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe burn on her thumb when she came into contact with the snack.

“The ER doctor had to cut [the thumb] open, cut away the dead skin and get the infection out,” grandmother Tina McArthur told WEAR. “They said had we not come in and got her finger treated she could have possibly lost her thumb.”

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