Intel, Western Digital, ADATA, and More at Flash Memory Summit

August 9, 2018 Last Updated: August 14, 2018

The 2018 Flash Memory Summit featured a variety of big-name companies and smaller companies. Flash Memory Summit was an opportunity for these companies to meet with other companies and network with people interested in solid-state drive (SSD) technology.

“A good reason to come here is just to showcase our products, meet with customers, find new customers,” said Thomas Lombardi, ADATA technical marketing specialist.

Companies at the booths also provided mini tasks and raffles for attendees to participate in and receive prizes at the various booths, such as bags, Bluetooth speakers, water bottles, and more.

Each booth featured some of the key technology each company has been designing.

Intel, one of the many companies present, presented their Optane technology. The technology focuses on SSD and memory and storage technology architected for data center requirements.

“At the show, this year, we’re really focused on two technologies. One technology called QLC 3D NAND, specifically lower-cost NAND media and NAND SSD’s for very large capacities. And the other technology is our flagship new technology that we call Optane,” said James Myers, director of Data Center Storage Solutions Architecture at Intel.

Like Intel, many companies showcased their flagship or newest technology on the expo floor. Attendees were able to see what these companies have been planning and building over the years.

Western Digital was also present on the expo floor and presented its new OpenFlex technology which focuses on delivering Open Composability.

“Today and during the show here, we are showing a number of products, including a new line of OpenFlex architecture products,” said Steve Shattuck, senior director of public relations at Western Digital.

ADATA was also present at the showcase. The company displayed some of their DRAM products for servers and flash memory products for consumers.

This year is the 13th year for Flash Memory Summit and is continuing to grow in size each year.

“The show itself has really gotten to be quite a large scale. You see some very professional companies here sharing some really cool ideas, you see some innovative small companies as well. All trying to look at advancing this business,” said James Myers.

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