Fireman Attending Brad Paisley’s Concert Carries Elderly Lady with Cancer Upstairs

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 18, 2019 Updated: March 25, 2019

“Kindness should be the way of life,” a proud wife explained, alluding to her husband’s heartwarming gesture at RodeoHouston on Saturday. The loving act of kindness, caught on camera, is going viral, winning praise.

On March 16, Shayla Harwell and her husband, Thomas, were at RodeoHouston to attend country music singer Brad Paisley’s performance.

We're excited to welcome Brad Paisley back to the RODEOHOUSTON stage tonight for his 13th performance!

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While Shayla was sitting in her seat, waiting for the show to begin, she caught sight of an elderly woman, along with her daughter and two young granddaughters, coming down the stairs.

Shayla noticed the elderly woman had a hard time as she struggled to walk down the stairs.

“I pointed them out to Thomas Harwell and said they may need help,” Shayla wrote in a Facebook post.

According to KTRK, one of the granddaughters told the news outlet that their grandma was currently battling cancer and had recently suffered from a stroke.

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As the elderly woman was too feeble to get to her seat, Thomas got up and assisted her.

Even more commendable was that Thomas carried the elderly woman up the stairs after the show ended. He noticed that she didn’t have the strength to climb up the stairs.

Photo courtesy of Shayla Harwell

Indeed, this was an incredible gesture by the thoughtful Thomas.

Understandably, the proud Shayla snapped a photo of this touching moment and later took to Facebook to brag about her lovely husband.

“Y’all I have to brag on my husband big time tonight! He made me Soo proud,” she wrote.

In no time, Shayla’s post started going viral. Within a day, the post has garnered more than 6,100 reactions and over 1,200 shares, with many lauding Thomas as a “true gentleman” for his kind deed.

“God bless him.. Mother raised a true gentleman,” one wrote.

Another social media user remarked, “A GentlemMAN for sure!”

“Love that chivalry is not dead…good for him!” a third one commented.

Dinner before our movie!!!

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A fourth one enthused: “This is true gallantry! A man with a big kind heart( and muscle to do this!) Thank you for being so kind!”

One user who was clearly touched appreciated Thomas’s kindness so much that he offered to buy him and Shayla tickets to country star George Strait’s show.

“I read your story on ABC13 news. I would like to buy you and your husband tickets to George Strait tonight if you want to go,” the netizen wrote.

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In fact, this wasn’t the first time Thomas and Shayla stepped up to help somebody.

“We are first responders with Hardin volunteer fire and rescue. It’s a way of life for us!” Shayla told The Epoch Times.

“Thomas and I are trying to change the world one person at a time,” she further added.

My honey sure cleans up nicely!

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Speaking to the Houston Chronicle, Shayla said: “It’s in our DNA. It’s in our blood to help. Kindness should be a way of life.”

Thank you, Thomas and Shayla, for showing us how even the smallest gesture can end up making a huge difference. The world will be a better place if we all choose to be a little more kind and caring towards one another.