Fine Dining for Young People: Parents Not Allowed

April 21, 2016 11:14 am Last Updated: April 21, 2016 11:16 am

Parents, get ready to introduce your young gastronomes to the world of fine dining—and find a spot to wait outside while they sup at some of New York City’s best tables.

Claus Meyer, the co-founder of Noma and entrepreneur behind the Great Northern Food Hall and Agern, is bringing the Kids Table experience to young people aged 7 to 14.

Already established since 2011 in his home country of Denmark, Kids Table there counts 90 restaurants and 4,000 children as participants.

“Without their parents there, we find that kids are more willing to socialize and try new foods,” said Meyer in an email interview. “The kids feel courageous to venture out ‘on their own’ and are proud when they share their experience with their parents afterward.”

That’s not all, though. Meyer points out that the experience inspires families to cook together and broaden their culinary horizons by trying new things (and vegetables).

For $30 per child, restaurants serve three healthy, seasonal courses and incorporate three raw ingredients—turnip, lamb, and rhubarb. Restaurants will work to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions.

Participating restaurants include Agern, Atera, Blue Hill New York City, Colonie NYC, Del Posto, Franny’s, Ends Meat, Luksus At Tørst, Per Se, Rebelle, Telepan, Untitled at the Whitney Museum, and Vaucluse.

“The restaurants think it’s a lot of fun to be creative and to cook and serve a completely different set of guest who experience food very differently—the city’s hardest critics! Additionally, it is all for a good cause,” Meyer said.

Profits from the event will be divided between organizations selected by the restaurateurs and the Melting Point Foundation, which will aim to establish a culinary school, cafeteria, bakery, and community center in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The experience takes place on the afternoon of April 26. For more information, or for tickets, visit