Father Surprises Little League Son on Birthday

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
July 27, 2016 Updated: July 27, 2016

A Philadelphia little league baseball player was devastated when he learned his father hadn’t purchased him anything for his birthday—or so he thought.

Braheim Fowler, who plays for the Taney Dragons little league team was sad about not receiving a birthday gift and couldn’t conceal his emotions. 

“I told him I had nothing for him,” father, Devon Fowler told Philadelphia NBC10. “He had an attitude all day.”

Little did the 12-year-old know, his father had a plan that would capture the attention of cyberspace. 

In a clip uploaded online by the elder Fowler onto Facebook, a sullen Braheim walks toward the family’s SUV clad in his baseball uniform. Before the pair drives off to one of Braheim’s games, he is told to get a bag out of the trunk of the car.

What the adolescent finds instead is a box from Amazon which encased a neon green baseball bat—the exact same one he wanted on his special day. He was overcome with emotion, wiping away at his eyes. 

The emotional reaction surprised Fowler, who on the clip told his son to not cry because he, himself will start crying. 

“His reaction definitely surprised me. I was expecting him to be happy but I didn’t expect him to get so emotional,” said Fowler. 

In an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter on July 26, Braheim described the father and son reaction.

“I liked it very much because we had a moment right there,” Braheim said. 

The sweet gesture was viewed over 52,000 times and counting since its upload on July 23. The viral success is equally shocking to the unemployed father.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Fowler said. “It happened overnight. I’m not a social media kind of guy.”

He added, “Just keep trying to make your kid happy. If you got love for your kids, they won’t care about what you get them.”