Fast Growing Jobs Include Entry Level and Advanced Positions

August 21, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

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The job market is always in flux in the United States for three basic reasons.

First, technology is always marching forward. The automation of factories, of course, means less factory jobs, while the advent of the computer means more technology jobs. This doesn’t always add up to more jobs or to less jobs, but progress, as they say, is hard to stop.

Secondly, the economy can pick up or go into decline. This is an obvious factor in the job market.

The third major influence on the job market is demographics. Most of us are aware of the large bubble in population represented by so-called Baby Boomers. As people in this demographic bubble aged, the job market changed to suit them. Baby Boomers are now entering their retirement years, hence the sudden need for services that cater to the elderly.

With that in mind, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says 20.5 million new jobs will be added in the United States by 2020, a 14.3 percent increase from 2010. Obviously, the trend in these jobs has already started. Here are some highest growth jobs in the market today.

Personal healthcare aid

Personal health care aid positions are expected to increase by 70.5 percent from 2010 to 2020. Already there are more than 86,000 personal care aids, who earn an average of $19,640. This work can require a two-year Associates degree, but this is not always the case.

Home healthcare aid

There are more than 1 million of these positions and there is an expectation of a rise of 69.4 percent during this decade. The average salary for this position is also low: $20,560.

This is considered an entry-level job, but a high school diploma backed with some college experience would be helpful.

Biomedical Engineer

This is a high paying job especially for those getting in the door with only a four-year engineering degree. Sometimes a Master’s degree is required. The average salary is $81,540 per year and the profession is on track to grow 60.1 percent in the decade.

Veterinary Technicians

Growth of 52 percent is expected for this job. There are 80,200 veterinary technicians today earning an average pay of $29,710.

Many veterinary technicians in decades past simply worked their way up from a position cleaning cages or walking and feeding the veterinarian’s patients. In modern times, workers can start with two-year certifications, although there are accelerated programs available. The Vet Tech Institute , for example, advertises and 18-month program to receive a certificate.

Physical therapist

This is also a high-paying job given some of the positions start with only a two-year degree requirement. There were an estimated 67,400 physical therapists in 2010 and the numbers is expected to grow by 45.7 percent in the decade. Average salary: $49,960.

A Bachelors degree is often required to break into this field.

Event planner

Some event planner positions are given to people without a college degree at all. The position requires experience more than a specialized knowledge. Helpful experience includes organizational skills and good people and communication skills. Average pay: $45,000. Growth in this decades is expected to be around 43.7 percent from the 71,600 event planners in 2010.

The most focused degree to help in this field would be a business degree, which can be a four-year commitment to schooling, unless you look for an accelerated program that can be scheduled around your existing job or offer quick routes to an accelerated business degree at Gwynedd Mercy University degree. Administrators who organize and oversee the program would be one place to start asking questions on how to obtain the appropriate credits.

Occupational therapist

Certification from the Council for Occupational Therapy Education is sometimes required. The field is growing by 43.3 percent and positions pay an average of $51,060.

Needless to say, the jobs that pay the best are those requiring college degrees or advanced training or post-graduate degree, which may put you at a disadvantage.

The good news is that the job market is increasingly technology-oriented and technology skills are rewarded in the job market. A doctor earns an impressive paycheck, as we all know. But a doctor with technical skills is that much more useful and demands an even higher salary.

This is true at all work levels. A home health aide may be an entry level job, but a home health aide with technical skills can be promoted to a dispatcher or a supervisor position.

The decade is also more than half way done. This means you may want to work on your college degree while you are working or find a way to speed up the process.