Family buys hilarious B-day card for Grandpa, finds out it has old family photo

June 6, 2017 11:43 am Last Updated: June 6, 2017 11:43 am

A family from rural Kansas was shopping for a card for Grandpa’s 74th birthday, when his 12-year-old granddaughter found a hilarious card that she said they just had to buy.

Her mother, Jan Amstutz, also laughed after reading it, but she wasn’t sure they should get it. It was pretty silly.

The card had a very old-fashioned family photo on the front, with everyone looking very stern and serious. On top it said, “It’s your birthday!”

Inside, the card read, “We haven’t seen this much excitement since Aunt Lulu was picked up by a tornado, set down nude in the middle of the hog auction, and sold to the highest bidder!”

Jan looked at the photo on the front and started to laugh again, saying one of the boys in the photo looked a lot like her grandfather, who was Grandpa’s (Dr. Robert Kirk) father. She looked again and said another woman looked like her great-grandmother. Of course, she thought it was just a funny coincidence. They finally decided to get the card, hoping it would make Grandpa laugh.

“I remember calling my dad before his birthday telling him to closely look at the card,” said Jan. “He called me on his birthday all excited!”

Grandpa and other family members, who lived in Ohio, realized it was a real photo of their actual family! They eventually found out it had been taken in 1906 at a wedding, and the funny couple in the center were the ones getting married. They also were able to locate the original photo the card was made from, which Grandpa had never seen before.

“They identified almost everyone in the photo,” said Jan.

Some family members who saw the card thought it was so funny that they laughed until they cried!

The family went back to the store and bought every single one of the cards and framed them, and now they’re hanging on the wall of nearly every member of the family.

A family member wrote a letter to Hallmark about the card and received a response saying, “Occasionally, we purchase old photos from a company that has collected them from photograph studios that are no longer in business. It is possible this is part of that group.”