Fall Asleep Inside a Hamburger or Bird’s Nest—Yes, Inside

By Benjamin Kim, Epoch Times
December 20, 2013 Updated: December 20, 2013

A bed doesn’t have to be just a mattress and box spring. Welcome to the world of new possibilities…


1. Sleeping Pod by Alberto Frias

The Pod is a place of meditation—an environment of personal space, light, and sound. It offers a personal escape from the land of stress to a world of serenity and slumber.

2. Burger Bed by Kayla Kromer

Gotta hankering for a burger, even in your sleep? You might enjoy the Hamburger Bed. Unfortunately, though, this bed is a one-of-a-kind, made for Hamburger Harry, proprietor of the only Hamburger Museum in existence. 


3. Floating Bed by Universe Architecture

Undaunted by the confines of gravity, Universe Architecture founded by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, created a bed that literally floats. The bed works using opposing industrial magnets plus four thin wires to tether the bed into position. It’s a dream to change the sheets too. 


4. Nest Bed by OGE group

It’s a nest, it’s a bed, it’s a creative meeting space. It can be whatever you want. The comfy egg-shaped poofs are designed to allow ergonomic positions for max comfort. The nest comes in intimate sizes or bigger versions that can hold up to 16 people, or sleep an entire family.


5. Vault Bed by BedBunker

Nobody can get at your firearms if you’re sleeping on them. The BedBunker is the perfect solution for concealing all your household valuables. All BedBunkers are guaranteed for life.


6. Ness Bed by Jakob+MacFarlane architects

In love with geometry? The Ness faceted bed by Jackob+MacFarlane may be the perfect sleeping chamber for you.  


7. Wave Bed by Mimondo

The Wave Bunkbed made from moulded veneer, solid hardwood is one sleek and high quality bunkbed.


8. Trix Sofa Aka Bed by Piero Lissoni

This is one of the quickest ways to turn a comfy sofa into a bed. It’s made of three modules connected by a chic system of elastics. 


9. Fetal Bed by Dominic Wilcox

As long as you’re exactly this size and don’t move at all when you sleep, you might enjoy designer Dominic Wilcox’s fetal position bed. 


10. Ying Yang Bed

Maybe not the most comfortable sleep, but the Ying Yang bed may keep you in balance with the universe.


11. Sosia Bed by Emanuele Magini

If you’ve ever stayed late at the office and slept on two chairs pushed together you can see where the idea for the Sosia bed comes from. Of course this one’s designed to maximize comfort while also looking smart as a sofa and giving a little extra privacy as a bed. It’s perfect for the living room as instant guest room. 


12. Enignum Canopy Bed By Joseph Walsh

The mysterious look of the bed is embedded in its name, Enignum Bed —a combo of enigma (‘mystery’) and lignum (‘wood’). The frame is olive ash wood stripped into thin layers, then manipulated and reconstructed. An organza silk canopy finishes it off and encloses the sleeper in a cocoon of luxury.