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Facts Matter (Sept. 30): 175 Hospital Workers Fired Over Mandate; Hundreds File Lawsuit; Hospital Shortages Coming?

In North Carolina, a hospital system has just fired almost 200 of their employees because they failed to comply with the vaccine mandate. This is a similar situation that we’re seeing play out across the entire country in states like New York, Indiana, California, and so on.

However, some workers have begun to collectively fight back.

For instance, in Minnesota, several hundred workers have collectively filed a lawsuit against their employers. They are alleging that these companies are putting undue pressure on their workers so that the health care facilities can say that they have higher vaccination numbers, and therefore, get more money from federal subsidies.

Meanwhile, freshman students at the University of Bath in England are being forced to wear armbands handed out by the school authorities in order to signal whether they’ve been double-vaccinated, or not vaccinated at all, with different colors for different groups.

And lastly, if you were planning on going to China next year to watch the Chinese Communist Party’s Winter Olympics, you may want to hold off on buying your tickets. That’s because the International Olympic Committee just announced that only Chinese citizens will be allowed to attend the Games.


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