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Facts Matter (Oct. 22): Audio Leaked from White House Shows DOJ Acknowledge Pro-Life Exemptions to Mandate

According to newly obtained, leaked audio from inside the White House, the Department of Justice is well aware that many Americans with religious convictions believe that using fetal cells in vaccine development is evil, and also, that the federal government must grant them religious exemptions.

That is, of course, what they are saying behind closed doors. However, publicly, it’s a different story.

For instance, during a recent CNN presidential town hall, when President Joe Biden was asked whether police officers and first responders should lose their jobs if they fail to take the vaccine, he simply answered, “Yes.”

And it’s not only police officers and first responders who are at risk of losing their jobs.

The Epoch Times combed through the data of the U.S. military and found that there are still hundreds of thousands of American military troops who remain unvaccinated—even as the mandatory vaccine deadline is looming ahead.

Lastly, I sat down and spoke with Kevin Freeman, the host of the “Economic War Room,” and we discussed the economic warfare that China is engaging against the United States, as well as how you can weaponize your spending to better fight for your values.

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