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Facts Matter (March 23): Federal Lawsuit Working to Get 3 GOP Congressmen Disqualified From 2022 Ballot, Allege Insurrection

In Wisconsin, local Democratic Party activists have gotten creative with how they’re trying to win the midterm elections. Specifically, they have filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that three of the incumbent Republicans (one senator and two House members) should actually be barred from serving in office.

Their argument is that since these three lawmakers spoke out against election irregularities in 2020 and they allegedly attempted to manipulate the certification of the presidential election results, they should not be allowed to serve in office due to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bars people who have committed treason from holding any kind of office.

Meanwhile, while I was in Florida about two weeks ago, I took the opportunity to sit down with Cherise Trump, executive director of an organization called Speech First, and we discuss the practical steps that she’s taking to fight back against censorship on college campuses.

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