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Facts Matter (March 18): Hunter Biden Laptop Confirmed to Be Authentic by New York Times and DOJ; Secret Emails Being Investigated

After two full years, it finally happened. The New York Times, which has tens of millions of dollars that it can use to conduct investigations, was finally able to confirm what we knew all along: that the Hunter Biden laptop, as well as the emails that were on it, were always authentic.

Let’s go through the entire journey of how this story was suppressed—and potentially how the suppression altered the outcome of the election.

And then, while I was in Florida about a week ago, I took the unique opportunity to sit down and speak with Walter Blackman, a state representative in Arizona, and we discussed several different topics—including something that quite a few people have been asking me about, which is: what exactly happened with the election audit’s final report once it was given to the Arizona attorney general Mark Bronovich.


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