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Explosive New Emails Prove That Fauci’s Cover-Up of Pandemic Origin was Based on a Lie | Truth Over News

A new batch of explosive emails obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests by U.S. Right to Know reveals that the central argument of COVID-19’s natural origin theory was a lie, and that those pushing the false narrative—like Fauci and his gang of scientists—knew that it was a lie.

As soon as the genetic sequence of the virus was made public in January 2020, scientists knew they had a big problem. As biologist Kristian Andersen famously told Fauci, the virus looked engineered. To overcome this problem, scientists funded by Fauci came up with the Pangolin theory, claiming that the virus has picked up its unusual features from this rare endangered species.

We now know that that was a lie and we know it from the most unexpected of sources.

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