Ex-Phillies Pitcher Donates $9.75 Million Home to Charity for Children With Special Needs

September 10, 2019 Updated: September 11, 2019

When Cole Hammels and his wife, Heidi, began building a home in Missouri, they were creating their ideal family living space. However, when he was transferred to the Texas Rangers, the couple had to move to another state. Instead of selling, they decided to donate the enormous mansion to a Christian charity that helps children with disabilities.

Former Philadelphia Phillies' pitcher, Cole Hamels, and his wife, Heidi donated a $9.4 million mansion to charity. http://via.fox43.com/23pDv

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The couple started building the 32,000-square-foot mansion on Table Rock Lake in 2012 while he was still playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. As reported by NBC Philadelphia, Hammels was initially planning on living in the house that sits on 104.7 acres of land situated just outside Branson, Missouri. However, when Hammels got transferred to the Texas Rangers, the family had to move to Dallas in the Fort Worth Area. And they never actually got to live in the mansion themselves.

In August 2017, they put the home on sale but then had a change of heart, and in December 2017, they chose to donate the $9.75 million home to a charity called Camp Barnabas, which offers summer educational camps for children with disabilities.

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“The home started out as our dream, and now we get to share that dream with an incredible organization,” the couple said, as per a press release by The Hamels Foundation.

They continued to explain that the reason they chose Camp Barnabas for such a generous gift was, as per their own words, “[the non-profit] really pulled on our heartstrings […] Seeing the faces, hearing the laughter, reading the stories of the kids they serve; there is truly nothing like it.”

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Established over 25 years ago, Barnabas offers “life-changing experiences” not only to campers but also to families and missionaries. They attest to having served over 75,000 people. The Christian-based charity states that their “mission is to change lives through disability ministry, and we’ve been strategically looking for ways to expand our ministry outside of a summer camp,” said CEO Jason Brawner in a press release. Bower believes that the donation received from Hamels and his wife will allow them to reach more members of the community struggling with disabilities.

On top of the work they do with the summer camps, Barnabas also provides a two-year faith-based educational program in Branson, Missouri, called Barnabas Prep, which aims to “help students with special needs recognize their strengths and potential” while promoting “the power of education for every individual regardless of their circumstances,” as explained in the release.

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Having received such a significant donation from the former Phillies pitcher encourages the charity to continue the incredible work they are doing. Cole Hamels ended his statement by expressing his enthusiasm “to see how [Barnabas will] grow their ministry.” The donation was the largest the non-profit has ever received.

It all began when a baseball player was building a beautiful and immense “forever home” for himself and his family. Due to career circumstances beyond their control, the couple was never able to live in the house. And instead of selling it, they donated it to a Christian charity that does outstanding educational work for children with disabilities. This story is an excellent example of what kindness and willingness to help the community can do.

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