Everything you need to know about picking the best front yard fence!

December 23, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Choosing a fence for your house’s front yard might not seem like much of a consideration; however, it must be recognized that the fence is the first prominent attention point of your house’s front, and that’s what makes choosing the perfect front yard or garden fence so important. Apart from the functional services it has to provide, fencing says a lot about your tastes in terms of landscaping and design selections. And, with literally dozens of materials, styles, and categories of fences and gates available in the market from brands like Hegn, it becomes a bit of a headache for you to select the best one. Then, it’s never an easy going budget when you’re looking for good fencing, which makes the product selection phase more critical. Why not equip yourself with knowledge about buying yard fencing in the best manner? Why not know more about the questions that you must have confidently and convincingly answered before you say yes to a fencing product? Here goes –

What is the purpose of the fence?

If you think that the only purpose of fencing was to keep put stray dogs, think again. There are so many ways to use yard fences that you’ll be baffled when shown the variety of dedicated application fences in the market. If your garden fence is supposed to perform the dual functions of a boundary marking for your property and an aesthetic addition to the landscape, then opt for short height fences that are in sync with the design, tile patters, shades, and structure of the exteriors of the house. For fences that are meant purely for a security purpose, it’s recommended to go for 6 feet high fences that reflect matching design to that of the first or second floor of your house. It can be a smart idea to check about the local regulations about fencing, and then going about selecting the best fence once the purpose is defined.

What view does the fence provide to those who approach the house from the street?

So many house owners miss out on the simplest and surest aesthetics check before they finalize a particular kind of fence for their house. When the yard fence is meant to reinforce the beauty and classiness of the house, it’s important that you know as to how the passerby will see your fence and everything beyond it. So, walk from the street, and carefully observe the fence you’re considering, and see as to what can make the view more beautiful. If you have a lawn just behind the house boundary, pick fencing with open spaces at the bottom, so that the foliage can grow and peek out from there, thus adding more charm to the beauty of the fence.

Does the fence blend well with the theme of the house?

The best fences for your yards and gardens are those that don’t look like fences, and instead seem to blend into the complete theme of the house, looking more like elements that reinforce the styling, architecture, colour of exterior paint, wood work, stone columns, window styles, etc. A basic rule to follow is – Simple fences for simple house styles, and intricately designed fences for more ornate styled houses. Also, bring your creativity to the fore and ensure that your house’s landscape or exterior styling share something with the blend; it could be the stone walkway leading from the house entrance to the fence’s edge, it could be the same style of lamp post on top of the fence’s side-posts and the house’s window sheds, or the same brickwork as on the house’s outer wall. This makes the fence look like a part of the house.

Which plants and landscaping options work well with which fences?

Whereas most home owners would want to pick fences that are in sync with their collection of flower pots and their grass beds, there are some discerning landscapers who don’t mind doing it the other way round. For both of them, however, it’s important to remember that strong floral colours work well with white picket fences, and velvety green grass beds to justice to brown and wooden looking fences. Ensure your fence selection is in sync with these basic landscape matching rules!