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JFK Assassination Witness Drops Bombshell on Official Narrative | Facts Matter

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According to new bombshell testimony from a Secret Service agent who was on the ground at the JFK assassination, it turns out that the Warren report has a few holes in it. In fact, the testimony of this Secret Service agent, who just spoke out for the first time in 60 years, refutes a key claim of the government regarding the “magic bullet.”
The detail about the stretcher is so important is because one of the main reasons that the “magic bullet” theory has been so widely accepted is because the bullet was allegedly discovered on the stretcher of the Texas governor, John Connally. And so, the official government explanation has been that there was only one shooter, Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired three bullets—one of which was able to strike and kill President Kennedy, before also striking Mr. Connally in multiple different places.
And so, according to the testimony of this Secret Service agent, it was he who discovered the pristine-looking bullet, and he found it in the backseat of the limousine, right where the president had been sitting. Then, in order to prevent the bullet from getting lost, he placed it in his pocket, and then later, on the stretcher belonging to the president. According to the investigation that was undertaken after the assassination, based on the type of gun that Lee Harvey Oswald used to shoot at the car, it was somewhere between unlikely to impossible for him to have had enough time to reload and shoot again.
And so, if Mr. Connally was indeed shot by a second, or even a third, bullet, that would very likely mean that there was at least one other shooter somewhere out in the crowd.
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