About Epoch Fun

Epoch Fun provides readers with wholesome fun for brains of all ages. Exercise your mind with brain games, puzzles, quizzes & trivia, and hundreds of activities already available, with more to come everyday.

Exercising Cognitive Skills

All Epoch Fun content is carefully selected for providing exercises to enhance cognitive skills. Benefits include improving:

Long-Term Memory – the function of memory that is associated with the storage of information over extended periods of time.

Working Memory – the short-term memory that stores the information required for cognitive tasks. Theories of working memory generally state that it has a limited capacity and can hold about 4 chunks of information at a time.

Logic & Reasoning – the ability to generate ideas, solve problems, and reason.

Visual Processing – the ability to interpret and analyze images or other visual information.

Processing Speed – the ability to accomplish tasks accurately and quickly.

Attention – the ability to remain focused on tasks without being distracted.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off ads?

Epoch Fun content is a service provided for everyone and does not require an account to play. However, the advertising is able to help us cover costs of the service. If you are a paid subscriber, then the ads will automatically turn off once you log in. You will also find that the playable screen area on your computer will be larger as a subscriber.

Can I play Epoch Fun games on my computer, mobile phone or tablet?

All games can be played on any browser on any type of device, but not all games can be played on The Epoch Times app at this time.

What should I do if my game freezes?

If the game freezes, try refreshing the webpage.

What if the game doesn’t load properly?

If the game does not load properly, try the following:
– open the game in a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc. (only some of the games currently work in The Epoch Times app on iOS and Android)
– refreshing the page (or a hard refresh on your computer browser by holding left shift and clicking refresh)
– using another browser
– turning off your ad blocker
– updating your browser to the latest version

Can I save my score? Is there a leaderboard to compare my score with others?

Your score will be saved specific to the device and browser where you are playing that game. There isn’t currently a leaderboard at this time, but you are able to share your score in the comments section of the game and ask how others did compared to you.