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Ep. 52: Kinzinger Says ‘Friend’ Pompeo Lacks ‘Moral Center’ by Not Denouncing Trump | The Larry Elder Show

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), who is one of two Republicans serving on the Jan. 6 committee, said on Friday that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lacks a “moral center” for allying himself with former President Donald Trump.

“We worked together in Congress. He was as hawkish as I am, very much a believer in what America stood for. Went off to the administration, did a good job at the CIA, became secretary of state, and basically did Donald Trump’s bidding,” Kinzinger said.

“Let’s be clear here, [Pompeo] wants to run for president. He knows that he cannot go after Trump and run for president. He’s hoping Trump doesn’t run and he can use that lane, so he’s trying to walk a tightrope.” Kinzinger continued. “That’s somebody without a moral center, and he had a moral center.”

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