Elmos – 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference

June 29, 2018 Last Updated: June 29, 2018

The 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference was underway from June 26-28 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The Sensors Expo and Conference is the largest event dedicated to the sensors technology industry, allowing people from around the world to network and focus exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

Elmos, one of the companies present, demonstrates how their ultrasonic sensor technology works with cars. “Elmos is currently covering in the range of two-thirds of the ultrasonic market in the automotive industry,” says Niyant Patel, Field Applications Manager.

During the expo, Elmos showcases its ultrasonic sensors and the various functions of these sensors. One of the common uses for the ultrasonic sensors is automatic park assist.

Sensors will measure the distance between the car and other obstacles around the car. The information gathered by the sensors could aid in tight parking spaces.

“Some of the key advantages for the Elmos sensors is the robustness across temperature, across operating voltage range, the best in terms of measurement accuracy for distance,” Patel explains.

The electronic components of the sensors are within a single integrated circuit (IC), making it very compact and low-current. This makes the sensor units very small and flexible, allowing the sensors to be placed anywhere around the vehicles.

The sensors will allow the driver to scan the area around the vehicle for open parking spaces. Once a space is found, the person can turn on the automatic park assist. This helps the car when parking in very small and tight spaces.

“From a safety perspective, if you’re driving in a busy crowded city, with cars stopped in front of you, or the car is stopped at a traffic light, and you are starting to move. And suddenly, there’s another pedestrian or another vehicle coming in front, the customers can also use it to break and stop the car from moving,” says Patel.

The sensors can aid drivers while parking and on the road, providing both safety and ease.

Founded in 1984, Elmos is a German manufacturer of semiconductor technology, with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. The company’s mission is to develop and produce semiconductor based system solutions for customers.

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