Dust Storms Hit Northern India

May 4, 2018 Last Updated: May 4, 2018

Dust storms have spread throughout northern India, officials told AFP on May 3.

The India Times reported that the storms uprooted hundreds of trees and electricity poles and that many badly hit areas were without electricity.

This footage, broadcast live, shows the poor driving conditions on New Delhi roads during the storms.

It was reported that the dust storms killed dozens of people. Houses, trees, and electricity poles were toppled in the storm, the New York Times reported.

“There was the clanking sound of tin roofs being blown away and motorcycles getting dragged,” a witness said. “Utensils, clothing, it seemed like everything was flying away. We found it hard to stay rooted. The whooshing sound of the wind made our children howl.”

Video Credit: Khabariya Chaupal via Storyful