Man’s Used to Drunk-Driving, So Friends Pull Epic Prank to Break His Tough Habit

August 31, 2019 Updated: August 31, 2019

It’s a horrifying and sobering fact (pun intended). Every day in the United States, around 30 people will die as a result of driving under the influence, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Those are babies and kids who will never get to grow up, moms and dads whose children will have to live without them, and innocent people whose only reason for dying was that they were on the road at the same time as a drunk driver.

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But despite the hefty fines and even the confiscation of people’s licenses, the number of drunk drivers remains high, with over 1 million alcohol-related police stops per year, per the CDC.

Back in 2013, comedian and prankster Tom Mabe decided that enough was enough when one of his acquaintances had incurred five tickets for driving under the influence.

Despite the repeated attempts of the police to prevent this Kentucky man from driving drunk, his behavior just didn’t seem to be changing. What was there to do for a man with a family who continually put himself and others in danger?

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So Mabe and some accomplices decided that they would teach the man a lesson he would never forget. When they caught him out one night, so inebriated that he had completely passed out in his truck, they sprang into action, converting an empty office in the town into a fake hospital room, complete with heart monitors, IV drips, and a real hospital bed.

They hauled the drunk sleeper into the room and hooked him up to all the devices. They even got multiple people to play doctors and nurses, fully dressed in medical clothing. When the man woke up, they had pretty big news for him.

The doctors came in and told him he had been in a coma for 10 years!

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Mabe and company even created a fake news report. The drunk man was clearly alarmed and disturbed at the news, asking for his daughter.

Mabe, playing a doctor with a surgical mask on so his friend wouldn’t recognize him, asks him questions about what happened before he “went into a coma.” “What do you remember, what do you recall before your last night?”

The patient responds, “I was drinking, that’s all I remember.”

As the “doctor,” Mabe pretends to do some routine reflexology exams to make sure the man still has sensation in all his limbs. He asks him to close his eyes and tests his feet and knees, before moving up to his face and giving him a few huge slaps, shouting, “You had 5 DUIs!!!”

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The man immediately recognizes Mabe as the comedian pulls his surgical mask down and starts laughing so hard he cries. Mabe tells him, “You had 5 [expletive] DUIs. It’s not funny! You could have lost your daughter. [Imagine] 10 years wasting away here.”

The video ends with a message from Mabe, “Happy Holidays! Don’t Drink and Drive.”

While Mabe was clearly incredibly angry at his friend for this reckless behavior, he had no idea how many people would be reached by the prank.

To date on the “MabeinAmerica” channel, the video, called “Scared Sober,” has a staggering 30 million views, which shows how many people it resonated with.

Hopefully, those are 30 million who won’t be drinking and driving anymore!

This is by far the Most Epic Prank we have ever done.. Please watch and Share..

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