Man saves Bunny From Drowning

May 23, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

What started out as an ordinary day for Jordan Ring turned out to be something opposite of ordinary. He happened upon a bunny, drowning, on the brink of death. Acting fast, he quickly grabbed him out of the water.

In this video, you can feel those few heart-wrenching moments when Jordan began a form of resuscitation in hopes to get the small animal to breathe. He doesn’t give up on the bunny. Hearing the bunny gasping, he continued his efforts. Gently coaxing the bunny, whom he named Bugs until the bunny let out loud shrieks from shock. The bunny was alive!

Jordan refused to give up on the cold, wet bunny. Those noises meant everything he did worked, and Jordan was excited. Taking things even further, Jordan took the bunny into his home. Using a blowing dryer, he carefully dried Bugs and made him a warm comfy bed. There he continued to keep an eye on the bunny’s progress. He insisted Bugs stay in bed and recuperate. He dropped in a few pieces of romaine, too.

Once the bunny appeared to have completely recovered from the trauma, Jordan made the decision to release him back outdoors. But not with thought a loving warning first to stay away from the lake. Hopefully, the adorable creature will heed his words and not go for another swim.

Hesitant at first, the bunny sat still and took in his surroundings after Jordan removed the lid from the bunny’s temporary bed. The fluffy bunny eventually hopped away into the brush as Jordan watched. He wished his new pal a happy farewell.

An ordinary day turned into a day neither of them will ever forget.

Credit: JukinVideo