Driving Lesson Gone Wrong: Unlicensed Teen Crashes into Popeyes Restaurant

A driving lesson in Woodlawn, Ohio took a turn for the worst. A mother decided to take her 17 year old daughter out during rush hour traffic to teach her how to operate a vehicle.

In the end, the teenage girl lost control of the black Chevy car and crashed into the drive-thru section of a local Popeyes Chicken restaurant. The vehicle struck the building hard.

The mother hurt her ankle and was taken to the hospital for treatment. A Popeyes employee was also hospitalized for minor injuries, because the crash caused a piece of equipment to fall.

The exterior break of the restaurant was damaged, but has reportedly been investigated and found to be structurally sound.

According to Cops, the girl did not have a learner’s permit, meaning she should have never been behind the wheel.

She claimed to have panicked when she saw another car and hit the gas pedal.

Police Sergeant Kevin Sorrells remarked, “At the minimum, have them get a learner’s permit and get the basics, and I would not pick rush hour to teach someone to drive a vehicle that does not have any experience at all.”

Charges are pending for the teenager. Her mother may also be in legal trouble.