‘The colors are very impressive’ Says Make-Up Artist

March 4, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Mr. Wu had been keen to see the show.  (Florian Godovits/The Epoch Times)
Mr. Wu had been keen to see the show. (Florian Godovits/The Epoch Times)
LONDON—London locals were thrilled to watch the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) show at the New London Theater on Wednesday, March 4.

The artists were honoured with frequent applause and standing ovations. Three curtain calls were demanded before the last curtain for the evening finally came down.

DPA brings a window into China's traditional culture through scenes from China's 5,000-year history, and the people of London were mesmerized.

Not only were the audience members privileged to see a culture that had been almost lost since the Chinese Communist Party came to power, but also they were treated to music played by an orchestra that brought together Western and Chinese instruments. Audience members throughout the world hadve said that the music was a joy to listen to.

Mr Wu, a make-up artist, was in the audience of this, the third DPA show at the New London Theater. He had been keen to see the show because he was curious how Chinese traditional culture would be presented to a Western audience. He was happy with the results.

"It was very interesting. They really put a lot of effort into this performance and created a new impression for Chinese society and for foreigners as well," he said, his face glowing with happiness.

Mr Wu felt that finally Chinese artists had came into their own.

"I always, always wished Chinese artists, no matter if from Chinese traditional art or any other Chinese art form, could make a bit more effort."

Mr Wu explained that he was taking drama courses in college and was into all kinds of art, "but particularly Chinese art from Tang dynasty and Han dynasty".

As a make-up artist, he is an expert in color and noted the synthesis of traditional and modern in the choice of colors in the show. "Well I have to say for the performance that the colors are very impressive because on stage, if you use a very classic Chinese color, it can be very dull. For the modern taste, you really really need to get some brighter colors, but I think this is a more modern style."

Dance teacher, Lorna Clark was also impressed, "Very enjoyable. It was bright and colourful. I also loved the music. I´m a dance teacher, that´s why I came here [to see this show].

She said that she was a ballet dancer herself and so had particularly appreciated the dance performances. "Very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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