Donald Trump Denies Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct, Says They’re ‘Pure Fiction’

By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
October 13, 2016 Updated: October 13, 2016

At a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vehemently denied reports that he had made inappropriate sexual advances on multiple women.

“These vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false,” Trump said at the rally in the crucial swing state. 

“And the Clintons know it, and they know it very well. These claims are all fabricated. They’re pure fiction, and they’re outright lies. These events never, ever happened and the people that said them meekly fully understand,” he continued. 

Trump promised that the stories are going to be debunked as lies by evidence to be released in the future.

“We already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies, and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon,” he said.

Trump’s comments came after The New York Times, Palm Beach Post, and People Magazine simultaneously published articles in which women talked about inappropriate advances they claimed Trump had made on them. The articles were published just days after Sunday’s second presidential debate in which Trump denied having committed such acts.

The four women in the reports said that they decided to come forward following Trump’s denial and gave explicit testimonies of their interactions with Trump.

In his West Palm Beach speech Trump addressed the New York Times specifically, linking Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to the New York Times’ agenda. 

“Now we address the slander and libel that was just last night thrown at me by the Clinton machine and The New York Times and other media outlets as part of a concerted, coordinated, and vicious attack,” Trump said.

“It’s not coincidence that these attacks come at the exact same moment and all together at the same time as WikiLeaks releases documents exposing the massive international corruption of the Clinton machine, including 2,000 more emails just this morning.”

He also threw shade on People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff, who had written a first person account about Trump’s advances on her, asking the crowd to “take a look” at her. 

“Take a look. You take a look. Look at her. Look at her words. You tell me what you think. I don’t think so,” he said.

When contacted by New York Times reporter Megan Twohey he called her a “disgusting human being,” and threatened to sue The New York Times. 

Late Wednesday, Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz sent a letter to Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet demanding the paper retract the story. 

“Your article is reckless, defamatory and constitutes libel per se,” the lawyer wrote. “It is apparent from, among other things, the timing of the article, that it is nothing more than a politically-motivated effort to defeat Mr. Trump’s candidacy.”

On Thursday, the candidate took to Twitter to argue that the story was false.

“The phony story in the failing @nytimes is a TOTAL FABRICATION. Written by same people as last discredited story on women. WATCH!” Trump tweeted.

The New York Times stuck by their story and released a letter addressed to Kasowitz declining the request for retraction. 

“We did what the law allows: We published newsworthy information about a subject of deep public concern,” read the letter.

“If Mr. Trump disagrees, if he believes that American citizens had no right to hear what these women had to say and that the law of this country forces us and those who would dare to criticize him to stand silent or be punished, we welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight.”