Dog Sleeps in Fridge

May 23, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

Here in this video, you see a small pup full of fur asleep in the refrigerator. Yes, that’s right. The refrigerator. We normally find dogs with thick double coats belong in colder regions and prefer the colder climates. This puppy made do with what he had to work with. He made a spot right by the vegetable tray.

What is hilarious about this video is that the young dog refuses to get out of the fridge. What could possibly be going to this pup’s mind? No, I’m comfortable, I’m not getting out! Or, I like it in here it’s nice and cool. Or, go away human I’m trying to catch some Z’s. We may never know what the puppy is thinking, but we do know he finds the fridge to be a great napping place.

This video could also bring awareness to dog owners of animals from cold regions such as huskies, or snow dogs. They were bred and purposed for cold regions such as Alaska. So, they will always be more comfortable in colder climates. That is why this puppy found the refrigerator so comfortable.

It’s funny how the owner tries to pull the puppy out. And the puppy refuses. He is too sleepy to be bothered. This small white pup full of fluff and fur realizes that the best place in this house is the refrigerator. He’s friendly and adorable. But he also just wants to be left alone to finish his nap.

This owner treats this as a common occurrence. It’s clear that he loves his pup regardless of where he prefers to sleep. Even if it is on the vegetable shelf.  This puppy just won’t get out of the fridge, because he’s simply too tired.

What could possibly go wrong?

Credit: ViralHog