Dog Found Frozen to Death Outside Arkansas Home

January 22, 2018 Last Updated: January 22, 2018

In search of a suspect, police approached a house in Helena–West Helena, Arkansas, when they saw a dog frozen to death in the front yard.

The house had no water or electricity and the police were told another dog may have been inside. They called the Humane Society of the Delta who indeed found an emaciated dog inside.

“It made me so mad,” said, Beth Florek, Humane Society of the Delta director.

The female dog could walk out of the house on its own, but was in bad condition.

“She was totally just a bag of bones,” Florek said. “Very, very ill.”

The dog was taken to a vet and appears to be recovering, Florek said.

“She actually wagged her tail at me when I saw her at the vet this morning so it was very reassuring that she’s going to be ok,” she said.