Doctors Thought This THUMBELINA Girl Wouldn’t Survive, but Look at Her 16 Years Later

May 18, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

The mother took her just-born baby home and prepared herself to watch the little one die—but the little courageous soul decided otherwise. This incredible story of hope and survival of a girl from Ontario is truly inspiring.

Kenadie was born so small that nurses in the hospital called her “Thumbelina,” and she weighed all of 2.5 pounds (approx. 1 kg) at birth. She was born on Feb. 13, 2003, with pink skin and bright eyes. However, eight months later, she was diagnosed with primordial dwarfism, “a condition characterized by short stature (dwarfism) with other skeletal abnormalities (osteodysplasia) and an unusually small head size (microcephaly),” which affects only about 100 people in the world.

Primordial dwarfism can possibly result in delayed mental development, respiratory illnesses, and digestive problems. Doctors advised Kenadie’s mother, Brianne, not to expect the baby to survive more than a few days.

The heartbroken parents decided to quickly baptize her on the very same day she was born and then took her home immediately. They feared that the child might suffer severe brain damage and quickly pass away. “We baptized her right away because we were told that we should just bring her home to die,” Brianne told Barcroft TV.

But now, 16 years later, this brave girl has proved all of the experts, who said she’d never survive, wrong! They never could have imagined that this little miracle would survive and astonish all.

“It makes me so proud to see her in these activities it makes me cry,” said Brianne, according to MailOnline. “I have cried so many times when she is on the skating rink, everything she does, I cry.”

“She’s kind hearted, she is loving and wants to share everything with everyone. She is feisty, determined and independent,” said her mom.

“Having Kenadie definitely tested my faith many times—watching her struggle isn’t easy. It’s a reality we’ll lose her—I lose my breath for a moment thinking about it,” she said.

“My hope for the future for Kenadie is just that she is happy and that she finds things that make her happy and make her smile.”

Kenadie has a 14-year-old brother named Tyran who towers over her, but the big-hearted girl never lets anything get in her way. Tyran told Barcroft TV, “She’s a good sister.” And whenever someone says something about her height when they are outside, Tyran jumps to her rescue by confronting the questioning voice and asks them, “what if they did that to you?”

According to an interview in 2015 with Kenadie’s educational assistant Jessica Putnam, the little girl is very empathetic and “has an infectious laugh that makes you want to just laugh along with her.” Though she wears infant-size shoes and toddler clothes, Kenadie is a fiery girl. However, she has a danger of developing scoliosis or an aneurysm.

As per IDBM, In 2010, Kenadie also starred in a movie named Iep!, which was directed by Ellen Smit. The story is about a young girl who has wings instead of arms and is adopted by parents who bring her up like any other normal person until she happens to fly away.

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