Doctor Saves Premature Baby 30 Years Ago, Unaware He’s Saving His Own Life

June 4, 2019 Updated: June 10, 2019

We never know what impact we will have on the lives of others, now or in the future. A simple act of care and professionalism can echo on as the years go by, uniting people’s destinies forever. In Orange County, California, an act of heroism some 33 years ago continues to bear fruit today, and it all started with a doctor and a premature baby.

In June of 1986, pediatrician Dr. Michael Shannon was working at the Mission Hospital when he was presented with a tiny newborn named Chris Trokey, weighing only 3.2 pounds (approx. 1.4 kg). The baby was born a shocking 10 weeks early. The doctors who delivered him believed he only had a 50 percent chance of survival.

Working as hard as he could and even sleeping by the baby’s side at the hospital, Shannon managed to get Trokey through those first difficult weeks, and against the odds, Trokey survived and thrived.

Flash forward to the spring of 2011, when Dr. Shannon was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway near Dana Point. All of sudden, a semi-truck came into his field of vision. “I remember the wham and the sound of breaking glass, and then everything stopped,” Shannon told Reader’s Digest.

The accident was as bad as could be. When the Orange County Fire Department arrived on the scene, they knew the driver’s life was on the line. Despite being trapped inside a burning car, Shannon remained calm and got the firefighters to pass a fire extinguisher and then a hose to help extinguish the fire near the engine that threatened to blow the car to smithereens.

When fireman Chris Trokey found out the name of the driver trapped in the vehicle, he couldn’t believe it. “I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Dr. Shannon?’” Trokey told KTLA. After the team managed to get Shannon out of the crumpled vehicle using the “jaws of life,” a hydraulic tool that rescuers use to pry open crushed metal, the firefighter accompanied the doctor who had saved his life to the hospital.

Coming out of the ER, where Shannon was being treated for third-degree burns and having a toe amputated, Trokey let him know how grateful he was. “Do you remember me at all? You stayed with me when I was really little,” he said, according to Reader’s Digest.

Shannon remembered him and was incredibly grateful for the help he received from the firefighters, without whose help he surely would have died. As Shannon told KTLA, “it’s amazing to watch them all grow up, but to have one come back in your life, on a day you really need it, that’s really incredible.”

The incredible relationship between these two life-savers continues on today. Despite their busy lives, Shannon and Trokey manage to meet on the anniversary of the accident for a meal. And if their stories weren’t intertwined enough, Dr. Shannon has since become the pediatrician of Trokey’s son.

In 2015, the two reunited to help raise over $12,000 for St. Baldrick’s, a cancer charity, by shaving heads for donations at an Orange County barber shop. And so the life-saving act that took place over 30 years ago keeps paying it forward today.

Four years after an Orange County paramedic helped rescue the doctor who saved his life as a baby, the two reunited at a fundraiser benefiting children with cancer. Chris Trokey was among the first responders who aided Dr. Michael Shannon when he was trapped in a fiery wreck. However, it wasn’t until he was at the hospital that he realized the victim was his former pediatrician who saved him three decades earlier.When Trokey was born, he weighed just 3.2 pounds and doctors had initially gave him a 50/50 chance at surviving. Had it not been for Dr. Shannon’s round-the-clock care, he might not have lived. On Sunday, the two were among 30 people who shaved their heads and raised $12,000 at the fundraiser benefiting St. Baldrick's charity.Watch KTLA's video here:

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