Doctor Attends Ping Pong Tournament, Ends Up Saving Two Men With Heart Attacks

Tony Kovacs, a physician from Australia that hasn’t practiced medicine for 10 years after moving to the U.S., stepped up during the weekend of Jan. 26-28 and helped save two men suffering heart attacks within 90 minutes of each other.

Both men suffered the heart attacks during the same ping pong tournament in Irvine, a city southeast of Los Angeles, California.

Kovacs, who was also attending, first saw one of the men collapse. He conducted CPR and somebody called 911. When paramedics came, they used a defibrillator to revive the patient. It didn’t take long for Kovacs to spot another man collapsing. He jumped in to do CPR again. Somebody called 911 again. The same dispatcher answered. The same two paramedics were dispatched and used the same defibrillator to revive the second patient.

“The chances of two in a row within an hour and a half, it just doesn’t happen,” Kovacs told KTLA.