Do You Like Being Alone? Here Are 5 Things You Might Not Know About Yourself

August 27, 2019 Updated: January 19, 2020

By definition, nobody enjoys being lonely. But there’s a huge difference between not having anyone in your life and enjoying being alone. While in today’s world, most people might think that being a chatty socialite will get you ahead in life and work, today we’ll look at five of the advantages of being an introvert.

Being a loner is a personality type just as being outgoing or gregarious is. As Susan Cain wrote in her best-selling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, these days, we are inundated by a 24-hour news cycle and surrounded by devices trying to grab our attention.

With all this chatter, now more than ever, people who march to the beat of their own drum are incredibly valuable.

1. Loners see things that others don’t

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People who stay out of the discussion can have important insights to contribute (Illustration – Shutterstock | George Rudy)

When everyone else is working together to solve a problem, they can often start thinking and acting as a group. In this case, the desire to have everybody on the same page might lead to overlooked errors or seemingly daunting problems.

Loners on the other hand aren’t susceptible to “group think,” as they place a high value on their own thoughts and reflections. This means that when the team is stuck, it might just be an introvert who can come along and point out what everyone else was missing all along.

2. Loners are often great learners and deep thinkers

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Taking time for themselves means they think and absorb a lot (Illustration – Shutterstock | Africa Studio)

Many introverts prefer the company of a good book or a walk in the woods to a noisy party or nightclub. This means that they give themselves lots of time to read, to think, to meditate, and to reflect. They can teach themselves new skills and new ways of thinking.

This means that quiet people tend to be very open-minded and willing to consider a lot of different perspectives. While they don’t always readily share this with others, if you’re lucky enough to have an introverted friend or co-worker, this person might have some really interesting ideas to share.

3. Introverts can make the truest of friends

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People who like to be alone make great listeners (Illustration – Shutterstock | Antonio Guillem)

While it might seem paradoxical that people who prefer their own company over the company of others could be the right person to have around in a crisis, it actually makes a lot of sense.¬†Rather than racking up “friends” online, these people tend to have a small, close-knit group of people they have a lot in common with.

Because they choose their friends carefully and only spend time with them when they really want to, there’s nothing false about a friendship with a “loner.”

When you’re going through difficulties, this is exactly the person you want by your side as they are accustomed to taking things in and make great listeners.

4. Quiet people have calm inside them

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People who spend lots of time on their own are good at tuning out the noise of the world (Illustration – Shutterstock | Antonio Guillem)

While people who are always outwardly focused can get caught up in the drama of everyday life, most quiet people seem to be at the eye of the storm. Because they have developed such strong internal lives, they register things outside of them without being overly swayed or bothered by them.

This means they’re immune to panicking and getting anxious about little things that don’t really matter. If you’re looking for a level-headed person to help anchor you, look no further than an introvert.

5. Introverts value their time

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If an introvert spends time with you, it’s because they want to (Illustration – Shutterstock | antoniodiaz)

It’s a curious fact: loners are less likely to be lonely. Since they don’t feel the need to have people around them all the time (in fact, they feel exhausted by the prospect), when they do choose to spend some of their precious time with you, it’s a big honor.

They wouldn’t be hanging out unless they really wanted to, since they would be happy reading a book at home, strolling in the park, or even watching a movie by themselves.

So when you spend time with a quiet person, recognize how valuable it is to them and make the most of it!