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Devastated Father Seeks Truth About Vaccines; Medical Boards Sued for Threatening Doctors

Ten months ago, Sean, a 17-year-old hockey player from Canada, died suddenly. His father, Dan Hartman, blames the shot his son had to take to get back out on the ice. But that’s not what Dan’s been told. In fact, he’s being told very little of anything. Dan’s heartbreaking Twitter account, @Answers4Sean, is a tribute to his son and a desperate plea for the truth.

Then, in America Q&A, what do you think? Should all suspected side effects from COVID vaccines be robustly studied and publicized?

Next, doctors who are critical of the official COVID policy face threats and retaliation from their medical boards. Those boards are now being sued by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. We speak to their lawyer Andy Schlafly.

Finally, in our second America Q&A: Do you believe it’s the government’s job to sometimes protect people from themselves?

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