Dem’s Blaming Violence in American Cities on Trump Is Despicable

August 30, 2020 Updated: September 1, 2020


More and more, Bertolt Brecht’s play “In the Jungle of Cities” is becoming an apt description of today’s America.

Murder, riot, arson, destruction, you name it—America’s cities have got it. Only a very few of our major urban areas have escaped the carnage, and almost all of those barely.

Last weekend, we had the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon (Jack Posobiec put it well on Parler: “Antifa killed someone again last night but media tells us they don’t exist”), cops were shot (one critically) in St. Louis, and there was a Chicago shooting (yet again and as usual) outside a South Side restaurant with one killed and four injured, plus some potshots at a Trump procession in Los Angeles’ Woodland Hills.

It goes without saying, as the night follows the day, these cities have Democrat mayors. Every single one of the centers of violence do, from Seattle to Philadelphia.

And yet Biden & Co. are trying to make this Trump’s fault.

Besides the obvious—that they’re terrified their failure at their convention to mention what was happening in the cities could cost them the election and are trying desperately (with a lie) to play catch-up—this reveals the real, underlying problem with today’s liberal and progressive: infantilism.

OK, I’ll be nice: immaturity. Today’s liberal-progressive (oh, how I abhor the desecration of the English language inherent in those terms) abjures taking responsibility for the actions in his or her city. In fact, he or she is terrified of so doing.

Protesters are rioting in their streets, destroying property, burning down buildings, attacking—even now shooting—innocent people and police who only want to calm things down, and the mayors refuse to do what a normal, decent adult is supposed to do—take these overgrown children, who are wildly acting out, in hand and prevent them from damaging themselves and others, not to mention destroying a great deal of property, public and private.

But they can’t—or think they can’t—because then they’d be accused of being racists or sexists or something worse, like Republican sympathizers, but mostly they are cowards.

So they blame Trump—someone who occasionally does act like a father—for their own failures. And even though those failures have been going on for months.

It’s hard to believe they do this with a straight face, but they do. They are desperate to believe it for fear of personality disintegration, that what they thought might have been wrong—that there might be something wrong with them.

On the surface, this presents as tawdry politics. But it’s actually worse. Trump Derangement Syndrome has evolved from a neurosis to a psychosis. These people are out of contact with what is traditionally called reality. They disbelieve what’s in front of their eyes.

These mayors claim that Trump sending in the National Guard or other federal help will only make things worse.

How could they be worse?

As of now, it’s a disaster unlike anything we’ve seen since the Civil War, and that war ultimately had a reason for being, a just cause.

This violence has no cause at all—unless you regard the tearing down of Western civilization with an ultimate goal of installing some form of communism to be a cause. That only resulted in the murder of 100 million or so.

That it is seriously fighting racism is ludicrous. It’s the reverse. It is creating racial division in the service of revolution. (Just ask the Marxist leaders of Black Lives Matter—they’ll tell you.)

Meanwhile, some of these cities may never come back to what they were. They don’t have the importance or the history.

Unlike New York or Los Angeles—both in serious jeopardy themselves—Portland, where businesses are already fleeing, has contributed little to our national life other than some risible sanctimony (“Portlandia”) and some halfway decent pinot noir. Even Seattle, despite the presence of business colossuses such as Amazon and Microsoft, may find its damage hard to recover from.

But blame Trump for that if it makes you happy. Projection has its uses, on the political and the personal level. But be careful. In the end, it tends to blow up in your face.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media. He is now a columnist for The Epoch Times. Find him on Parler and Twitter @rogerlsimon. Find and enjoy his books in Kindle, paperback, hardback, and audio on Amazon.

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