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Defending Against Child Sex Trafficking by Fixing Child Abuse Laws—Feat. Jaco Booyens

Jaco Booyens produced and directed “8 Days” to raise awareness about child predation and human trafficking in the United States.

To combat these dangers, Booyens wants parents to look at their own communities: “Think small. Think my strength, my home, my children’s friends, their parents. Are they educated? Do they know of the dangers online? Do they know where Big Tech plays a role?”

States struggle to talk to one another, as perpetrators and victims move around the country, Booyens says. This makes prosecuting perpetrators difficult.

What’s more, developments like “defund the police” have cut child protection-related squads in some places.

In this climate, it can fall back on parents to do what they can within their spheres to protect children. Booyens offers some advice on this.

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