DayZ Standalone Alpha Sells 1M in a Month

January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The DayZ standalone version has sold more than a million copies in its first four weeks, it was announced this week.

Bohemia Interactive CEO and co-founder Marek Spanel announced the game “ just passed one million sales four weeks after the release.”

Bohemia said a week ago that the game’s early access generated around $12 million, according to Polygon. Around 120,000 copies were sold in the first 24 hours after it was released.

Dean Hall, the creator of the game, tweeted: “Well, 1 million copies in 4 weeks. So much for the death of PC Gaming. #DayZDaily.”

“We obviously knew that there was strong interest in the concept, but weren’t sure whether that interest was just ‘hype’ or whether it would actually translate into real sales. I remember when we finally pushed the button, I had this moment of panic when I wondered if many people would really buy it,” he told Polygon.

About two weeks ago, he elaborated on the game’s success via Reddit.

“We (bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already, however this amount of sales was completely unexpected. Honestly, 250k within a quarter was what I would have considered a success. So to move nearly 800,000 in under a month is crazy,” he wrote.

“We’ll be finalizing our roadmap in mid January, but it is safe to say that this kind of result will be having a very positive effect on that roadmap,” he added.

The premise of DayZ is to survive on an island with zombies, but other players are equally dangerous.