Daughter Snaps Photo of Dad Mowing Her Mom’s Lawn: ‘They’ve Been Divorced 28 Years’

September 15, 2019 Updated: September 20, 2019

Codie LaChelle McPhate, of Texas, snapped a photo of her dad mowing her mom’s lawn one fine day. For those who have no idea of her family’s situation, this would be a normal thing to do—but the actual fact is nothing less than a sweet surprise.

“This is my dad, mowing my mom’s lawn. They’ve been divorced 28 years,” the 32-year-old proud daughter wrote to Love What Matters.

“My dad is with me in Texas on vacation. He doesn’t even live here where my mom lives. So not only did he do something selflessly for her, he did it for her while he was on his VACATION,” she said.

Photo courtesy of 1822 Photography

Codie went on to explain that her biological dad chipped in to mow the lawn because her mom had bad knees, and her stepdad “works out of the town.”

She said, “When my younger siblings questioned, ‘Why is your dad mowing mom’s lawn?,’ I told them, ‘Because, she needed help, and he knew she couldn’t get out here to do it, so he did.’”

“This is co-parenting,” Codie said.

Photo courtesy of 1822 Photography

Codie shared how she feels blessed to have such parents.

“This is how lucky I am to have 4 parents who respect each other, and know that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is showing your children (Even ones that are 32 years old) how to treat people, and how to love your family, no matter how it came together,” she wrote.

The proud daughter recalled her dad saying he “didn’t do this for the recognition.”

“He just wants to show others that you don’t need to act like an angelic pastor on lent, but that we should all choose kindness whenever we can,” she wrote.

“He said my mom and he decided when they we going through their divorce they would both choose to be adults and treat each other with respect and compassion, because no matter how their marriage ended, they both loved each other very much at one point, and that, that love—counts for something,” she recalled.

And in order to raise their children right, “they needed to be good kind people.”

“I’m very fortunate to have such amazing parents,” Codie wrote. “I know my moms and dads would do anything for each other, because we’re family.”

Codie also posted this heartwarming act on Facebook and has since received more than 70,000 likes and over 30,000 shares. Social media users went on to praise her birth father’s act.

One user wrote: “This is amazing. You can can absolutely love someone without being IN love with them. This is a wonderful act of love and service and such a great thing to see.”

Another one commented: “Love this. Don’t see enough of that. That is the way my family was. I was also very very lucky. Wish more kids had this in their lives.”

“My heart just exploded,” a third one enthused.

Needless to say, Codie’s parents made a wise choice years back!

Regardless of how bitter a divorce might get, parents must make the effort to set a good example for their kids.