Daughter Organizes Treasure Hunt for Stepfather and the Final Clue Leaves Him in Tears

April 5, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

When a stepfather agreed to go on a treasure hunt for his 35th birthday, little did he know that the prize at the end would be both an emotional and life-changing one. This is exactly what happened to Jason, stepfather of Lacce Jusino, when he was guided on a quest that would see him visit five of his favorite places, from the local pier to a Build a Bear Workshop, following a series of hand-written coordinates that were hidden in envelopes at each destination.

The final leg of his journey took him, along with Lacce and her mother, his partner, to one of their favorite restaurants where attached to the bottom of a portion of his favorite Key Lime Pie, were five more envelopes, again labeled with the coordinates of the places they had just visited.

Opening the first four in turn the words “Will You Be My” were revealed in bright hand-written writing before a fifth envelope was given to him which included the final word written in equally bold writing that completed the puzzle and sent those viewing the video online into floods of tears.

You might already have guessed that the final word was “Dad” and upon reading it Jason visibly breaks down at the heartfelt sentiment. He is immediately embraced by a tearful Lacce as their tender moment is filmed by her mom, who asks Jason if he is surprised, to which he smiles and nods. The tears soon return as she goes on to explain that Lacce also intends to take his surname.

The video ends with a close up of a tearful Jason followed by a montage of the five words spelling out onscreen ‘Will You Be My Dad’ one final time.

Video Credit: T&T