Dallas ISD Holds Active Shooter Training for Students

By Mark Liu, NTD Houston
May 21, 2018 Last Updated: May 21, 2018

Dallas ISD is teaming up with others to give a training program called “See, Say, Do Something” to students and school personnel at the American Airlines Center on May 21.

There are about 6,000 Dallas ISD middle and high school students and about 1,000 elementary school personnel attending the training.

The program was designed by Mark Herrera, director of education, International Association of Venue Managers, and a former SWAT officer who has worked for the Department of Homeland Security. His goal is to teach students how to prevent and respond violence on campus.

“The program is primarily focused on our students. That’s it,” Herrera said. “They’re the voice of our communities. Through IAVM, the International Association of Venue Managers, we oversee a lot of the life safety programming to include an academy. So our feeling was if we can help secure all of our venues from small to large then we should be able to provide the tools and the training and the resources to help these schools kiddos mitigate a lot of the risk within their environment.”

Representatives from Homeland Security, the FBI, and Dallas ISD police involved the program.

“School kids that have never been exposed to violent situations they have no method of preparing, planning or recovering from these situations. It’s incumbent upon us as a community to provide them with those tools so that they have those resources available should a crisis ever come into their environment,” Herrera said.