DaeShin MC Demonstrates Clean System Technology at SEMICON West Conference 2018

July 17, 2018 Last Updated: July 17, 2018

The SEMICON West Conference was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 10–12. SEMICON West is a three-day event that focuses on semiconductor technology. The conference draws in professionals, companies, and attendees from around the world.

DaeShin MC showcases three examples of the company’s clean system technology on the exhibition floor.

“We are focusing on clean machines and we are developing brand new technologies,” said Yoona Choi, sales department manager.

One of the products present at the booth was a shoe cleaning mat, called Cyclone Suction Mat. Once a person steps on the mat, the automatic vacuum will suck up dirt, contaminants, and micro-dust from the person’s shoe soles.

Choi explained that the suction mats can be used at the entrances of clean rooms, areas such as air shower booths or anywhere where sticky mats are required. Semiconductor manufacturing factories, IT and software, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beauty, animal labs, and research centers can use the suction mats in place of sticky mats.

The Cyclone Suction Mat has a pressure sensor integrated into the mat. When a person steps onto the mat, the mat will automatically start.

Another product that was showcased was the SoleClean, an automatic shoe sole cleaner. The SoleClean uses rotating brushes in a water tray with detergent to scrub the dirt off of a person’s shoe soles.

The SoleClean is equipped with a motion sensor that can detect when a person steps onto the shoe sole cleaning machine.

After scrubbing the sole clean, the person can then step onto the attached absorbent mat to dry the shoe.

The third product was an automatic castor cleaning system, called SmartClean. This automatic cleaner is used to clean the castor wheels of trolley carts. This cleaner can detect a trolley cart’s movements and start the cleaning process when the cart is in place.

The SmartClean also has a control panel that contains an operation time control, cleaning time control, and an emergency stop control.

“All of the products are used in the factory: semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, and food industry,” said Choi.

Founded in 1988, DaeShin MC is a Korean-based company that focuses on developing clean-system technology. The company creates various cleaning systems, kitchen systems, and industrial systems.

For more information on DaeShin MC and their products, please visit their website here.